Bathroom Overhaul

Like many houses built in the 1940’s, our home has only two full bathrooms.  Our main bathroom is upstairs on the same floor as our bedrooms and the other full bathroom is in the basement.   The bathroom upstairs was tiny so part of our renovation was to enlarge it.  Gavin used the space that was occupied by the closet in our nursery (read more about that here) to give us more square footage in our bathroom.  We were able to upgrade to a larger vanity which is so nice for us to share the space in the mornings.  We left the toilet in the same place but bought a new one, keeping the styling traditional to match the bathtub which is original. The flooring was replaced with marble tile put down in a herringbone pattern and in the shower surround, we went with white subway tiles and a gray Moroccan print accent wall.  Gavin also added an overhead rain shower spout and we changed out all the bathtub hardware to chrome fixtures that match the sink faucet.  Behind the bathroom door, Gavin had to run a HVAC duct for our air conditioning we recently had installed.  He creatively hide it with built in storage cubbies.  Check out the before, during & after photos:









Cubbies behind door
Cubbies behind door

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