Baltimore row house reno – Lehigh

Another completed project!  This row home has so much natural light and is quite spacious considering some Baltimore row homes can be narrow.  I love how open this house is and how large the kitchen is!  The room off the back is an added bonus for a mudroom.  Here’s some of the before and after photos on this gorgeous row home.

Before (obviously):

And now completed and under contract:

That’s a wrap.

For now our home is complete, there’s always something to redecorate and we’re thinking of moving the boys into the same room shortly so I’ll have fun with that but for now I think it’s a wrap on renovation projects.  I thought I’d conclude with a photo gallery of where we are now, almost 3 years into this house.

Now, we can focus on renovation projects outside of our personal home…stay tuned!

Master Bedroom

This is one space of our house that needed very little renovation work (sigh of relief from my husband).  Carpeting was removed, hardwood floors refinished, ceiling fan added and trim and paint.   The very first color I choose when agonizing over hundreds of paint swatches in the Benjamin Moore showroom was Smoke.  To me, it is the quintessential blue-gray shade that represents peace and relaxation.  I just knew I had to use it in our bedroom.  It’s got less green in it than the colors I used downstairs in our kitchen & dining room but still works well with the color palette for this home (read more about those colors here, here & here).

Our bedroom is rather large so we decided to upgrade to a king size bed.  We also bought some new bedroom furniture.  I’ve been in love with a tufted linen bed for awhile so we splurged to get that, along with some almost black night stands, dresser & mirror because I like the contrast between the linen bed and the darker case pieces.  The furniture was the easy part, the hard part was finding the right duvet cover.  In my mind, I knew what I was looking for, but either it was too overpriced or the wrong shades of blue.  Finally, this duvet I was stalking at West Elm went on sale!

Our bedroom is finally coming together.  We hung reclaimed solid oak shelves Gavin made along a large open wall, displayed with an accent chair & garden stool found at Marshall’s to create a seating area.  We added wood blinds to the windows through-out the house because they provide privacy but still let in so much natural light.

Here are the before pics (sorry, not the best pics):




Here’s our current bedroom:





Converted Attic

Home today with a sick baby whose fortunately napping, I have the opportunity to update our reno blog.  In one of the two larger bedrooms in our house, there was access to the walk-up attic inside of the tiny closet.  We choose to make that the master bedroom so that we could convert the walk up attic into a walk-in closet.   The attic was insulated, dry-walled, and had duct-work ran for A\C.  Gavin installed recessed lighting and then it was painted and carpeted…I’m probably missing some stuff like how my husband built in access panels to get to valves and he probably had to install a sub-floor since it didn’t have that either.  But you’re reading this for the before & after pics, right?  So here they are:

Stairway up to attic
Stairway up to attic
Attic before renovation
Attic before renovation
Current stairway up to the closet
Renovated space used as closet & storage
Another angle (I use up all my clothing space!)