Completing our home

After 2 years in this house there isn’t much left to do, one of the most recent projects my husband completed is adding to the front of our home a small roof over the front door giving the house some dimension and providing us a covered entrance-way (perfect for those rainy days when I’m carrying in two kids and all their stuff after school).  Here’s the before and after pictures of our home-and here’s the original post on transforming the exterior of this once run-down home. Thanks for following us on this journey!

When we first purchased the house:


After adding shutters, painting front door and garage door, and adding landscaping:




One thought on “Completing our home

  1. Really beautiful renovations, upgrades, and forethought! Love the soft colours and how they flow from room to room… Great idea really walk in closet/attic! Very fresh and lovely indoors and out! Great team work!

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